Welcome to Keteracel.com Ltd.

Established in 2002, keteracel.com is a young, dynamic company specialising in web development and software engineering. We pride ourselves with creating solutions tailored to the exact needs of our customers. Having worked with prestigious companies such as Granada Media, Sony Professional and the Science Navigation Group, we are capable of creating software and systems which perform to the highest standards. Keteracel.com will provide exacting web development and software engineering to the specific requirements of your individual needs.
chris cox, nowt2do.com, web design and web development customer of keteracel.com
"nowt2do.com's content had outgrown the old design as Bristol's most popular entertainment website. Keteracel.com took the challenge on board and created a wonderful simple to use design, and content management system that allowed the site to be kept up to date and filled with content. The design took into account all our needs and has made the site easy to maintain and upload. Keteracel.com's help, professionalism and talent is a virtue."
Chris Cox, www.nowt2do.com


A selection of noteworthy projects Keteracel.com has worked on over the last 7 years:

Custom Software

Sony Business & Professional Research Labs — Worked on enhancements to HDXchange Server, a networked high definition media archiving and searching solution.

ITV (Granada Media) — Groundbreaking technical meta-data extraction from video media for intelligent visual based 'also-like' searching.

Website Development

Rapid Ticketing — Secure online ticketing solution for theatre companies, allowing protected online payments and safe delivery of e-tickets.

Beyond Carbon — Full design and web development for an Environmental Consultancy; with integrated customised blog and search engine optimisation (SEO), ongoing management of site and updating marketing requirements.

nowt2do — Converting a static listings site into a dynamic events site, thus reducing the overhead to the website owner and increasing the rapid turnover of updates and flow of traffic.

Theatre Delicatessen — Full design and web development of fully integrated and user friendly theatre company website with social networking integration, e-marketing solutions, SEO and secure online ticketing system (then migrated to rapidticketing.com).

Clifton Towers — Full design and web development; creating simple, cost-effective web presence, wide-reaching targeted e-maketing and SEO campaign that draws in more than 1000 people a month to the single page website.

22 Sunningdale — Search Engine Optimisation and replication of e-maketing success of cliftontowers.com